Steve Colby

Global and Urban Partnerships

A message from Inter-Varsity Missions Director Steve Colby

God is stirring this student generation toward mission. In 2016, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship sent 85 students and 24 campus staff on nine summer mission adventures: four in Canada and five overseas.

The word partnership comes up when frequently when we talk about missions. This is because we believe that God has invited us into his mission of giving and receiving. As we go, we are not simply the message bearers and servants, but also the message learners and receivers. Partnership also refers to our commitment to partner with other organizations to more effectively spread God’s good news.

You may be wondering whether you are called to join God in mission. Let me encourage you -- though it is difficult to leave home and family, to face uncertainty and step out in faith, God will meet you in this new place of trust. He will grow your faith and vision for mission through your experience. But you won’t know this until you go!

I will never forget my first mission trip to the Yucatan Mexico. I spoke only primitive Spanish, and was tested to my limit, but I encountered the love of God in my host family and in the church there and that kept me going back year after year.  

In missions I have experienced the love and power of God in such a profound way that I can't help going back for more.  What about you?  What are you waiting for?

Talk to your Inter-Varsity Campus staff today about participating in a Global or Urban Partnership.

Steve Colby
Director of Missions
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

P.S. Click here for the list of Global and Urban Partnerships.  Please note, we do not publically list Global or Urban Partnerships in certain countries for security reasons.

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