Are you an alumni of Inter-Varsity’s camp or campus ministry?

We’d love to stay connected with you if you were involved in one of our ministries, either as a student in a high school college or university or a camper at Pioneer Camp or Circle Square Ranch. Inter-Varsity campus and Pioneer camp ministries have been active in Canada for more than 80 years, while Circle Square Ranches have operated for more than 30. Participants in Urbana Missions Conventions are also considered alumni.

As we look to the future, Inter-Varsity has a goal to launch 20,000 Extraordinary Kingdom Leaders by the year 2020. But as we look at our heritage, we know there are many Extraordinary Kingdom Leaders serving God today, many of whom trace part of their spiritual formation back to involvement with Inter-Varsity, Pioneer Camp, Circle Square Ranch or Urbana.

We’d love to know your story. How did Inter-Varsity contribute to your life?

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My Inter-Varsity Story
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2 What years were you involved with the above ministry(ies)?
3 * What's your Inter-Varsity story?

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