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Acadia University

  Andrea Pearce Undergraduate  website

Brandon University

  Dave Birrell Undergraduate  

Brock University

  Samuel Lau Undergraduate website

Carleton University

  Melody Chook Undergraduate website

Champlain Regional College

  Nellie Joseph Undergraduate  

Concordia University

  Charis Goh Undergraduate website

Dalhousie University

  Beth Van Hoeve Undergraduate  
  Alan Lensink Undergraduate  
  Rachel Davison Undergraduate  
  Mark Moses International  

Emily Carr University of Art + Design

  Kim Nguyen Undergraduate  

Grande Prairie Regional College

  Sherri Goethe  Undergraduate  

John Abbott College

  Peter Benjamin Undergraduate  

Lakehead University

  Scott Gerbrandt Undergraduate  

Laurentian University of Sudbury

  Susanna Muntz Undergraduate  

McGill University

  Stephen Schalm International  
  Peter Benjamin Undergraduate  

McMaster University

  Josh Chu Undergraduate  
  Preston Steinke Undergraduate  

Memorial University of Newfoundland

  Timothy Heath Undergraduate  

Mount Allison University

  Jonathan Allen Undergraduate website

Mount Royal University

  Ben Hsu Undergraduate website

Mount Saint Vincent University

  Rachel Davison Undergraduate  

New Brunswick Community College (Saint John)

  David Boyle Undergraduate  

Nipissing University

  Susanna Muntz Undergraduate  

Nova Scotia Agricultural College

  Dan Ingram Undergraduate website

Olds College

  Jon Lim Undergraduate
Korean Christian Fellowship

OCAD University

  Dave Stone Undergraduate website

Queen's University

  Mimi Kashira International  
  Tom Pettigrew Korean Christian Fellowship  
  Ashley Rodericks-Schulwach Undergraduate  

Ryerson University

  Archi Balakumaran Undergraduate website
  Dan Clubine Undergraduate  

Simon Fraser University

  Barron Crawford Undergraduate website
  Justin Yuen Undergraduate  

St. Thomas University

  David Boyle Undergraduate  

University of Alberta

  Hogan Brimacombe Undergraduate  
  Waison Chen Asian Students on Kampus website
  Sherri Goethe Undergraduate website
  James Siebert International website

University of British Columbia

  Mike Bennett International  
  Jacqueline Brower Undergraduate  
  Leslie Lai Undergraduate  
  Susan Norman Graduate  

University of Calgary

  Ben Hsu Undergraduate website

University of Guelph

  Nyssa Clements Undergraduate website

University of Kings College

  Alan Lensink Undergraduate website

University of Lethbridge

  Robin Shugart Undergraduate  
  Troy Taylor Undergraduate  

University of Manitoba

  Donovan Heiken Undergraduate  

University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)

  David Boyle Undergraduate  

University of Northern British Columbia

  Sue Lee Undergraduate  
  Troy Lee Undergraduate  

University of Ottawa

  Alaina Johnston Undergraduate website
  Dan Reid Undergraduate  
  Jill Hamer-Wilson Graduate  

University of Prince Edward Island

  Jonathan Allen Undergraduate  

University of Regina

  Stan Klassen International website
  Kyle McLean Undergraduate website
  Fran Purvis Undergraduate  

University of Saskatchewan

  Gerald Falk International  
  Shirley Falk International  
  Rachel Low Undergraduate  
  Kristen Westwood Undergraduate  

University of Toronto (Mississauga)

  David Kingston Undergraduate  

University of Toronto (Scarborough)

  Dominique Goold Undergraduate website
  Stacy Sankar Vanderherberg Undergraduate  

University of Toronto (St. George)

  Tony Lai International  
  Jamie Ney International  
  Max Rideout International  
  Allison Pinches Korean Christian Fellowship website

University of Victoria

  Matt Church Undergraduate  
  Christa Smith Undergraduate  

University of Waterloo

  Philip Lee Undergraduate website

University of Western Ontario

  Fiona Jack Undergraduate website
  Susan Tarcia Korean Christian Fellowship website

University of Windsor

  Andrew Karram Undergraduate website

University of Winnipeg

  David Birrell Undergraduate  
  Joel Gonske International  
  Julie Kettle Undergraduate  

Wilfrid Laurier University

  Jennifer Bolender Undergraduate  
  Elsie Lo Undergraduate website

Wilfrid Laurier University (Brantford)

  Andrea Culshaw Undergraduate website

York University

  David Cook International  
  Kathy Cook International  
  Ling Tian International  
  Dan Clubine Korean Christian Fellowship  

York University (Glendon)

  Jamie Jones Undergraduate  

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